Tips on Choosing a Laptop What You Should Know

Choosing a laptop certainly can not be arbitrary, there are some things you should consider, especially if you want to buy a cheap laptop. Buying a cheap laptop is certainly not a problem, but do not choose a cheap laptop, here are some things you should consider when choosing a laptop.

1. Prepare a budget
The first thing you should prepare a budget of course. Best ultrawide monitor the price of a laptop certainly is very diverse, there are cheap, and there are expensive. Starting from the price of 3 million to that cost tens of millions. You can determine how much budget they have for buying a dream laptop.

2. Consider the needs of your laptop
What should you pay attention to is to prepare a budget for pushing buy quality cheap laptop that suits your needs. Each person must have laptop needs of each, there are only a limited use of office work, doing various jobs separately college for graphic design, create animations, and also for games. By knowing the needs and functions of the laptop such as this, will certainly facilitate you to the details about the laptop itself.

Tips on Choosing a Laptop What You Should Know

3. Note the specifications of the laptop
Once you know the laptop needs and functions of a laptop, the next thing to do is watch and see the specifications of the laptop of your dreams, and make sure that computer prices in accordance with the existing budget, should avoid price is a little expensive, because it that is, you buy a laptop that is over budget.

  • brand laptop

Usually people judge a laptop of a trademark or brand of the laptop, it is not wrong, but for S aat this you should not just focus on one brand, but also pay attention to other brands. Because there are times when the laptop that you want there but the price is not. But by paying attention to other brands will certainly be some comparisons alone. You can choose one brand to desired specifications for the right price, with a budget that has been prepared.

  • Screen

Next is the screen. How large is the screen size you need, whether 14 “to 17”. The size of this screen should be tailored to your needs.

a. 11 “- 13” , If you want to include people who are often on the move when menggunaka laptop, you should use a small screen, so the weight is not too large. Small screen the exact weight is not too heavy, making it easy to carry.
b. 14 “ , this size is not too large, it can even be said was, you were frequent activity and often carrying a laptop was also no problem using a laptop with a screen this size.
c. 15 “ , if you are one who sudak edit movies or photos, or have a job in that field, we recommend using a laptop with a screen size which is rather large. Thus you can edit the film or image freely.
d. 17 “ , for you who like to game, film editing, creating animated films, etc. With a screen size that is big enough, certainly make you comfortable in doing the job. But laptops with screen sizes like these rather difficult to transport activity.

  • processor

Processor, is the kitchen runway to the laptop itself, today there are a lot of embedded processor into a laptop, such as AMD or Intel. A second type processor is also quite diverse, such as the Core 2 Duo, Core 7i, etc. The more advanced an embedded application will certainly affect the price.

  • Ram

RAM size for different laptops, there are size 225 MB, 512 MB, 1GB, etc. The larger the size of the RAM will allow you to run the laptop.

  • VGA

VGA size used is also quite diverse, there are using the ATI Radeon, NVidia, etc. This application is used for graphic design. Which will make the laptop becomes clear and comfortable to use.

  • Battery

Battery life also need to consider, usually a laptop battery life is 2 to 3 hours. The longer life of a battery will certainly allow you to use the laptop without using the socket. Because there are times when this laptop you use when you’re outdoors or when the power is off, if the battery life longer, of course, many jobs can still be resolved properly.

4. Design
Note also design kompoter whom to choose, make sure the design according to your taste, or at least make sure the design according to your needs. This design is certainly nothing to do with the weight of the laptop itself, a laptop that is too large will certainly be heavy, and difficult to separately carry, small laptop that certainly lighter to carry, but usually there are some devices or applications that none of the laptop.

  • keypad design

You can also memeperhatikan keypad design, especially for you who have a rather large fingers. Ensure comfort when pressing the button on the laptop keyboard. Consider also whether the size of the keyboard and the screen is ideal, so you are comfortable while using the computer.

  • Hybrid or traditional laptop design

You can also choose a laptop design which can be opened up to 1800 or up to 3600. Somehow it will meet your needs for certain things. These designs also should be tailored to your needs. If your need only to type, certainly does not need a laptop that can open up to 3600.

5. Test drive
After finding the best laptop based on what you want, then do a test drive, make sure all the equipment can be used. You can also test whether the computer you want to buy really comfortable and in accordance with what is desired or not.

Durable laptop so that you should also buy some additional equipment such as a bag for a laptop computer, cooler, etc. By using such equipment is certainly your laptop will be durable, and various jobs or all of your activities with computers will be able to do well.

Such reviews on how to buy a laptop with a price that is certainly ideal in accordance with the budget. Hopefully this review useful for you all.

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