Advantages of Using CPL Filter On Camera Lens

Some advantages of using CPL filter on the camera lens can produce images that have bright colors, which is not over and under exposure, not much appears noise, reflections of light on the object that is minimal and so on. Best digital camera 2017 particularly for photos of landscape , a couple of friends – friends are not happy result of photographing the landscape , such as the color of the sky less blue, less bright colors of trees around.

To overcome the above problems is required at least one filter that is able to overcome the shortage at the time of shooting. Filter question is Filter CPL ( Circular Polarizer ). The shape of the CPL, there are two kinds, one rectangular and one circular-shaped or circular with different diameters. The square, are required to use a holder mounted on the front of the lens. To use this filter, it should be at a minimum the situation is quite hot, not cloudy or anything that may block the direct sunlight, as well as to see the difference immediately.

CPL filter price is quite expensive, the larger the diameter, the more expensive. Brand is quite famous for CPL like Hoya , B + W , SinghRay and others – others. If you have a special fund to buy these filters, it is advisable to buy a CPL filter large diameter, such as 77mm or 82mm.

You can use it in many lenses with different diameters, such as 58mm, 62mm by using the Step-up ring. Step up ring you can buy at a cheap price in the range of Rp 35,000, depending on the diameter of the lens, such as 58 – 77mm, 60 – 77mm. ( After this post, can read about Step Up and Down Ring )

Here are the advantages over using CPL filter on your camera.

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Can reduce the reflection of light

CPL filters work very well in the media raises the nearby reflection, such as when shooting a hood that will appear reflection light reflected strong sunlight.

With CPL filter, we could reduce it so that not too many reflections that appear in the photos.

If shooting pool or puddle, CPL filter can also reduce the reflection of light from the objects around it.

Make Color sky Bluish

When photographing a sunny sky, very reliable CPL filter is used in the field. By looking at the viewfinder or LCD screen, while playing ring CPL filter, then we can see immediately the difference when using this CPL filter.

Creating a Water Color Bluish

Just like making the sky blue, CPL filter can also be used to make the color of the water in the pool, lake or ocean appear more bluish than the original.

Making Plant Looks More Color

If we point to the plants or trees, if we play the CPL in the right direction, it will be apparent color of the plant will be brighter than ever before without a CPL filter.

Those are some benefits when using this CPL filter you already know, so if you intend to purchase these filters and put it on your shopping list, do not hurt you to have it, buy the largest diameter. At any time if you take a photo and calls for this filter, you can use it.

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