A multitude of shortcomings and weaknesses cars LCGC

Cheapening the price of cars LCGC comparable to the many shortcomings and weaknesses attached to the car’s performance and features LCGC types. If we are careful to be seen a multitude of weaknesses and shortcomings that you should anticipate, so when you buy a car of this type of city car has prepared a number of funds to minimize the vulnerabilities of the new car in your clothing.

The only reasonable thing actually, because of the cheapness of the price of the car LCGC certainly comparable to the performance offered. So if the cost price is yes of course much reduced, especially on the features of convenience features and features supplementary features. You can read the advantages and disadvantages of car Nissan Datsun Go .

LCGC car is a car cheap classes that cater to rural communities and the people who live in small cities. But as we have seen together, if the government’s efforts to seek equitable distribution of family car ownership is less successful, because even people big cities like Jakarta and surrounding areas were first felt the warmth of the car LCGC citi car this cheap price. So for the people of Jakarta are accustomed to seeing Toyota Agya passing in front of him. Precisely because of the cheap price that makes some people to own and without any check first for all its faults.

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Car weakness LCGC

 Like most inexpensive car class car that lacks the completeness feature here and there so that after you buy it, you inevitably have to equip themselves. One example is when you are traveling to a new area, in general type car cost is generally not equipped with the signpost namely GPS, but in this era of almost sophisticated GPS devices were originally quite expensive now be replaced with android phone like Samsung galaxy C5 is an android smartphone with a camera big enough that 16 mp.

And for those who have rental business, according to the admin is pretty good too with a fleet of cars LCGC this city car, besides the price is very cheap also included in the ranks of the new car, so it must be quite a lot of demand, because the price of the rent will be cheaper than using a car MPV like toyota avanza that the new price already exceeded 200 millions. There is one thing that must be considered by the new owners of rental mainly engaged in the car rental business vehicle presence detection devices are GPS tracking that has the function as a monitoring point of the vehicle, so you know to carry around your car.

Keep in mind that in recent years the streets of Indonesia increasingly met by the vehicle speed LCGC this. It could even be said that almost all car manufacturers producing cheap cars LCGC kind, because it is so sold on the market, so in terms of the business is very profitable. As we know the consumer price LCGC car’s very much that middle-class social groups of up to down. Some cars LCGC fairly cheap price attracted many of the lower class, such as: Car Hyundai Grand i10 , Karimun Wagon R, Nissan Datsu Go , Agya Toyota, Daihatsu Ayla , and also car Honda Brio . so quite a lot of choices indeed.

As in the discussion this time that a multitude of shortcomings seem to stick to most products of this LCGC car, it is intended that the owner can complete it, so while driving more comfortable and safe. Does not rule out also used to return back and forth during Eid with the whole family. Lumayankan with cheap car going home. Here are some shortcomings and weaknesses were found in some car types LCGC cheap price.


>> The braking system on the car Hyundai Grand i10 less than perfect because it is still using the old system and have not switched to the ABS system. The selling price of Hyundai Grand i10 passable fall.

>> In contrast also with flaws Karimun Suzuki Wagon R car, it looks at looks less attractive because the box model is very visible, in addition to the cabin damping system is also less than perfect so desing of vehicles out there very clearly audible, but in terms of acceleration turns suzuki karimun wagon R as LCGC City car fastest car today.

>> One drawback Cars Nissan Datsun Go The most visible is the thickness of the seat foam is practically very thin, so the situation is very uncomfortable especially if taken for long distances.

>> Well Toyota Agya as car LCGC cheap prices the most perfect, the views from it looks quite perfect, especially Toyota Agya red color from a distance looked like a Toyota Yaris. But once you’re behind the wheel Agya, will be surprised and disappointed that the very loud horn, horn push up until now had to expend energy.

>> In contrast also with flaws ayla Daihatsu cars are also almost perfect, let us examine in more detail reveals no shortage of sufficient signikan on vehicles made by Daihatsu, if there are of course also be found in other LCGC vehicle types, such as vibration, cabin space, convenience features, and more because the price is very cheap.

>> But if you see this one LCGC car Honda Brio seemed almost perfect, especially when agan view of its looks almost similar to the maestro of the honda jazz hatchback, but once you’re in it, waduh the cooling system will be able to make you swelter.

Those are some shortcomings that carried cars LCGC, when it comes to the advantages certainly do not need to be discussed, because in fact the completeness of accessories as well as premium features will be comparable to the price of vehicles.

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