2018 Subaru Outback, Great Car For Great Adventure

With 20 years of succes production for many type of cars, Subaru didn’t let their shopper down with the new 2018 Subaru Outback. The overall looks of exterior of this wagon is almost the same with the earlier model, but Subaru didn’t forget to add a few styling for entertainment and technical system. Not much changes for the exterior except the addition of sound-insulating glass, and the reshaped the mirrors to have a more quieter interior cabin. It is not that the earlier model is more noisy, but it is still an improvement. Subaru chose a thicker rear wheel and four wheel-drive, they also did some tweaks to the steering wheel to provide you with a more smoother and enjoyable ride.

Other changes for this 2018 Subaru Outback are more for the interior part like the new stitching model for the dashboard, which makes it look high class. But the down side is their choice for the fake-looking wood to match it, and it makes people think twice for its purpose. On the center of the dashboard you can see a display which shows you a lot of menu as well as information you might need a long the way. It is wide and clear so you won’t get trouble to read it while driving. The new addition for entertainment purpose is the Apple Car Play and also Android Auto feature which you can choose to accompany you when you are driving alone or when you want to have fun with your friends and loved ones on the car.

This 2018 Subaru Outback has new retuned suspension with damper added for the best comfort on every kind of road, including on a rocky road. Gives you and your passanger a more enjoyable and smoother ride. With the four-wheel drive standart, this Outback also has the same engine capacity with 175 horsepower and 2,5 liter four-cylinder.

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