How to Get 1000 Free Tokens Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne is a racing game that is developed by developer renowned Gameloft and this game is not like a racing game unusual, because in addition to buddy Racing and compete in the arena to test the speed of my friend could also get rid of enemies by means of bumping and make enemies buddy knocked out of the arena for some time.

Each event requires a different car classes, so you can not use a fast car in slow car races. Total car also spelled out a lot and there are some new ones like the Bugatti Vitesse Agera R, 2013 or 2013. Each car can you upgrade with various new components and also change color.

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It Attract Of Asphalt 8 Airborne

 What’s interesting about this is the design Asphalt 8 tracknya much more solid. Details look more lively environment, for example in Tokyo are filled with lots of buildings and traffic vertical. This means you may be hit from the traffic coming from the side (intersection). Interaction with various objects also feels more alive, suppose there are opponents who crashed into a lamppost then the pole can fall onto the road and make the car behind him crashed into the pole

Apart from its better to play this game sometimes we are constrained by the lack of tokens that we have to buy items essential items we need in order to modify and accelerate the speed of a car that we have.

Well here we will discuss is. How to get Top Eleven Token Free and safe manner. By Getting Many Token you will be more easy to get a collection of cool cars and speed Tinggi.Cara was already proven and successful, Do you want to know how to get it? This beriku how.

How to Get Gold Asphalt 8

You definitely want to have a lot of gold that is not it? Here I would give very important information for you so that you get the gold very much, trick is to buy gold with vouchers google play but do not use the Internet alias money. Please follow the steps – steps below.

googleplay to get vouchers for free, we can use an application called whaff reward, reward whaff is a smart application which this program will give us a voucher for free google play if we want to do a light work such as trying to game or install applications

1. First download whaff Rewards app on Google Play or from this link

2. Then Install

3. Then select Accept

4. Wait for the download and installation to complete

5. Then Open whaff Such applications

6. Then select the Log-in

7. Enter your email address and password you facebook.

8. Next select OK


9. Put Referral Code, just enter code: BL42322

In Box Invite Code in order to directly obtain YOU FIRST DOLLAR 0.30 $, if not put the code will remain zero balance before starting the activity in whaff, unfortunately not?

10. After the invite code coupon inserted Earning already be $ 0.30, or about Rp.3.800.

Furthermore you live commenced activities in whaff with downloadable applications, downloadable games, or run applications suggested by whaff that earnings grow faster. Break your first dollar earning 10! so you can trade them with vouchers google play

How Fast Supa Collected Dollar

Pretty easy anyway to collect dollars every day from whaff.

you just need to install the applications in whaff. Run the application about 2 minutes, can deh free dollars from whaff.

Whaff I use is the latest version, so do not believe the people who use older versions whaff, because the rules in the new version is slightly different whaff.

In this latest version whaff dollar rewards are given even greater, and there is also a reward harianya know.

Daily Reward how it mean?

You see, you too will get a dollar just to check presence in whaff.

Buddy just need to get into whaff and click “check the presence of” a buddy get the dollar will grow by itself.

 Now I’m telling SECRET fastest way to get dollars from whaff.


The secret of getting a lot of dollars from whaff is on Premium Pick.

So in whaff there are two special pick in which there is a wide range of applications that can mate download.

Pick are:

  • Pick Premium
  • Pick Whaff

Well, I highly recommend you to install applications in Premium Pick.


Because … whaff will reward dollars to install applications, play applications, and Maintaining application in your android.

So Pick 3x Premium reward in just 1 application.

Wow, cool …

Whaff is the best application in android dollar producer.

Take a look at the game Clash of Clans is in this premium pick:

  • Buddy will get $ 0:12 after download Clash of Clans.
  • Buddy will also get $ 0:40 dollars every day if running Clash of Clans for 2 minutes a day.
  • And rewards to 3 obtained If the game Clash of Clans remain within the Android pal (not removed), then the friend will be paid 0.01 every day until a certain time period.

Total dollar discovered is $ 0.53 just to download one application only.

What if you could download the 10 applications each day?

How many dollars in the can?

Well, certainly a lot yes.

To get the most out of whaff download applications that exist in the pick whaff, some applications there are of great value, you know.

Look at this:

I knew it there were rewarded $ 4.2 dollar per application simply download, register after purchasing an item in the application is worth $ 1 dollar to earn a reward of $ 4.2 dollars of whaff.

Buddy still gain much if downloading the application.

But remember that in the dollar may be different, depending on the value of an application downloaded buddy.

How to Redeem Voucher Balance whaff Become Google Play

Prior to redeem the balance whaff sure you’ve collected 10 dollars to meet the minimum exchange

1. Log in to the application whaff. Click the three dots icon in the top left, then select payment.

2. Select the Google Play giftcard to redeem dollars with the gift code google play. Select how many dollars that you want to change and then click on “Request”

Wait 1 to 2 days to get a reply in the form of the Redeem code. My friend can see the redeem code at the payment history → Check Gift Code


If it is able to code voucher google play, you can enter code directly into your Google account.

In a way:

1. Go to PlayStore. Click the menu, and select exchange.

2. Put redeem code that has been my friend get earlier and click redeem.


Up here, my friend had managed to enter the redeem code to PlayStore.

3. If successful it will have pembritahuan as shown above, then you have to add 10 dollars into your Google account

How to Buy Gold Asphalt 8 Airborne

1. Open game Asphalt 8 Airborne buddy and select a token that is at the top.


2. Then select a token price of less than $ 10 or worth Rp.140.000 rupiah.


3. Then press the “Continue” buddy tokens will automatically increase.
It’s easy? That’s how to get a token Asphalt 8 Airborne for free and a lot that can mate into practice immediately. This method is easy and safe, so go and collect dollars whaff application can then token Asphalt 8 Airborne for free.

How to Make Cassava Brown Sugar Cake Trays

For you people of Indonesia heard cake platter seems to have been familiar and strange, because this cake has existed since ancient times to the present. Cake tray can be met in a wet kua stores or traditional markets. You can make a cake tray as snacks or food dish when there is a formal event such as a meeting, celebration, gathering and so forth. cake tray awful lot like the society, especially among children and adults.


Although the cake tray for so long, of course you as a good Indonesian citizens must be able to keep the cake tray can continue to exist and are widely enjoyed by the public. From the talk at length about the cake tray, you’d better direct your apply. for the ingredients you bus in a store or shop nearest to your home. Here is how to make a cake tray, please refer to how below.

Talam Cake Recipe

How Baking Trays Chewy And Gentle

How to make a cake platter chewy

The materials for the green layer:

  • Cornflour 75 g
  • As much as 225 grams of rice flour
  • Suji leaves water as much as 100 ml
  • Dark green dye as many as 2 tts
  • As many as 1 050 ml coconut milk
  • Pandan leaves in 1 piece
  • 300 g granulated sugar
  • ½ tsp salt

The ingredients for the chocolate layer:

  • Rice flour as much as 2 tsp
  • Cornflour 75 g
  • 450 ml coconut milk
  • 75 ml of hot water
  • Pandan leaves as much as 2 pieces
  • As much as 225 grams of brown sugar, refined didir
  • As much as ¾ tsp salt

How to make a cake platter

  1. Creating a green layer cake: Cook first coconut milk until boiling with sugar, water suji leaf, pandan leaf, green dye and salt and stir well. If it starts to warm, add starch and rice flour gradually, stirring constantly, until the dough is smooth and slippery.
  2. Prepare a bowl cake mold and pour the mixture into molds and then steamed dough for twenty minutes.
  3. Make a chocolate layer cake: Boil together kembalisantan pandan leaves, brown sugar and salt and stir well. Strain then create a mixture of rice flour and hot water slowly while the dough still stirring, pour a solution of sugar and stir well.
  4. Pour the mixture to starch, stir again until evenly distributed. When the dough is perfect input mixture into the mold over the green layer. Cook and steamed until cooked for fifteen minutes. Lift and remove it from the mold.
  5. Cake tray ready to be enjoyed.

Wait cake tray first, and you can enjoy it. Good luck!

2018 Subaru Outback, Great Car For Great Adventure

With 20 years of succes production for many type of cars, Subaru didn’t let their shopper down with the new 2018 Subaru Outback. The overall looks of exterior of this wagon is almost the same with the earlier model, but Subaru didn’t forget to add a few styling for entertainment and technical system. Not much changes for the exterior except the addition of sound-insulating glass, and the reshaped the mirrors to have a more quieter interior cabin. It is not that the earlier model is more noisy, but it is still an improvement. Subaru chose a thicker rear wheel and four wheel-drive, they also did some tweaks to the steering wheel to provide you with a more smoother and enjoyable ride.

Other changes for this 2018 Subaru Outback are more for the interior part like the new stitching model for the dashboard, which makes it look high class. But the down side is their choice for the fake-looking wood to match it, and it makes people think twice for its purpose. On the center of the dashboard you can see a display which shows you a lot of menu as well as information you might need a long the way. It is wide and clear so you won’t get trouble to read it while driving. The new addition for entertainment purpose is the Apple Car Play and also Android Auto feature which you can choose to accompany you when you are driving alone or when you want to have fun with your friends and loved ones on the car.

This 2018 Subaru Outback has new retuned suspension with damper added for the best comfort on every kind of road, including on a rocky road. Gives you and your passanger a more enjoyable and smoother ride. With the four-wheel drive standart, this Outback also has the same engine capacity with 175 horsepower and 2,5 liter four-cylinder.

Tips on Choosing a Laptop What You Should Know

Choosing a laptop certainly can not be arbitrary, there are some things you should consider, especially if you want to buy a cheap laptop. Buying a cheap laptop is certainly not a problem, but do not choose a cheap laptop, here are some things you should consider when choosing a laptop.

1. Prepare a budget
The first thing you should prepare a budget of course. Best ultrawide monitor the price of a laptop certainly is very diverse, there are cheap, and there are expensive. Starting from the price of 3 million to that cost tens of millions. You can determine how much budget they have for buying a dream laptop.

2. Consider the needs of your laptop
What should you pay attention to is to prepare a budget for pushing buy quality cheap laptop that suits your needs. Each person must have laptop needs of each, there are only a limited use of office work, doing various jobs separately college for graphic design, create animations, and also for games. By knowing the needs and functions of the laptop such as this, will certainly facilitate you to the details about the laptop itself.

Tips on Choosing a Laptop What You Should Know

3. Note the specifications of the laptop
Once you know the laptop needs and functions of a laptop, the next thing to do is watch and see the specifications of the laptop of your dreams, and make sure that computer prices in accordance with the existing budget, should avoid price is a little expensive, because it that is, you buy a laptop that is over budget.

  • brand laptop

Usually people judge a laptop of a trademark or brand of the laptop, it is not wrong, but for S aat this you should not just focus on one brand, but also pay attention to other brands. Because there are times when the laptop that you want there but the price is not. But by paying attention to other brands will certainly be some comparisons alone. You can choose one brand to desired specifications for the right price, with a budget that has been prepared.

  • Screen

Next is the screen. How large is the screen size you need, whether 14 “to 17”. The size of this screen should be tailored to your needs.

a. 11 “- 13” , If you want to include people who are often on the move when menggunaka laptop, you should use a small screen, so the weight is not too large. Small screen the exact weight is not too heavy, making it easy to carry.
b. 14 “ , this size is not too large, it can even be said was, you were frequent activity and often carrying a laptop was also no problem using a laptop with a screen this size.
c. 15 “ , if you are one who sudak edit movies or photos, or have a job in that field, we recommend using a laptop with a screen size which is rather large. Thus you can edit the film or image freely.
d. 17 “ , for you who like to game, film editing, creating animated films, etc. With a screen size that is big enough, certainly make you comfortable in doing the job. But laptops with screen sizes like these rather difficult to transport activity.

  • processor

Processor, is the kitchen runway to the laptop itself, today there are a lot of embedded processor into a laptop, such as AMD or Intel. A second type processor is also quite diverse, such as the Core 2 Duo, Core 7i, etc. The more advanced an embedded application will certainly affect the price.

  • Ram

RAM size for different laptops, there are size 225 MB, 512 MB, 1GB, etc. The larger the size of the RAM will allow you to run the laptop.

  • VGA

VGA size used is also quite diverse, there are using the ATI Radeon, NVidia, etc. This application is used for graphic design. Which will make the laptop becomes clear and comfortable to use.

  • Battery

Battery life also need to consider, usually a laptop battery life is 2 to 3 hours. The longer life of a battery will certainly allow you to use the laptop without using the socket. Because there are times when this laptop you use when you’re outdoors or when the power is off, if the battery life longer, of course, many jobs can still be resolved properly.

4. Design
Note also design kompoter whom to choose, make sure the design according to your taste, or at least make sure the design according to your needs. This design is certainly nothing to do with the weight of the laptop itself, a laptop that is too large will certainly be heavy, and difficult to separately carry, small laptop that certainly lighter to carry, but usually there are some devices or applications that none of the laptop.

  • keypad design

You can also memeperhatikan keypad design, especially for you who have a rather large fingers. Ensure comfort when pressing the button on the laptop keyboard. Consider also whether the size of the keyboard and the screen is ideal, so you are comfortable while using the computer.

  • Hybrid or traditional laptop design

You can also choose a laptop design which can be opened up to 1800 or up to 3600. Somehow it will meet your needs for certain things. These designs also should be tailored to your needs. If your need only to type, certainly does not need a laptop that can open up to 3600.

5. Test drive
After finding the best laptop based on what you want, then do a test drive, make sure all the equipment can be used. You can also test whether the computer you want to buy really comfortable and in accordance with what is desired or not.

Durable laptop so that you should also buy some additional equipment such as a bag for a laptop computer, cooler, etc. By using such equipment is certainly your laptop will be durable, and various jobs or all of your activities with computers will be able to do well.

Such reviews on how to buy a laptop with a price that is certainly ideal in accordance with the budget. Hopefully this review useful for you all.

Healthy Foods For Stroke Patients

Stroke is a fatal disease that is most feared in the world due to stroke could come suddenly and unexpectedly. In Indonesia stroke ranks third as the most human killer disease. Besides could cost someone’s life, it can also lead to stroke sufferers become disabled for life and will be very difficult to get back to normal as usual.
Healthy food for stroke patients
Talking about stroke so in this article we will discuss about what foods are good for stroke patients to be a deadly disease that this one is not repeated attack you. Let us refer to the text below:

Healthy Food For Stroke Patients

1. Red Rice
Brown rice may not be too popular for the Indonesian people because as we all know that our society is more familiar with white rice. Although brown rice and white rice is as good for your health, but if you are patient stroke and it is more advisable to consume brown rice.
Red rice has a high selenium content so that it can prevent recurrent stroke did not attack you. In addition, there are many other contents in brown rice which is very good for health.
2. Oatmel
If you are tired of eating brown rice that can replace it with oatmel. Oatmel a processed food made from grain and contain complex carbohydrates and high in fiber. In addition to make your heart healthier, consume oatmel also could help stroke sufferers so that the disease does not repeat and relapse.
3. Wheat Bread
Then a healthy food for the next stroke survivors are wheat bread. Maybe the food that one is not so popular for our community and we often consume bread made from flour. But do not worry, whole wheat bread also has a good flavor as well as bread made from flour. The content of nutrients in whole wheat bread is also very good for health, especially its omega-3 content which serves to lower cholesterol levels in the body so that you can avoid a stroke repeatedly
4. Fish
The stroke patients are allowed to consume fish, especially salmon and mackerel for both types of fish contain omega 3, DHA and EPA which is great for protecting heart health and control of bad cholesterol in the body. Well, for people with stroke then a healthy food and the best you can consume are salmon or mackerel.
5. eggplant and broccoli
Eggplant and broccoli is also a good wholesome food consumed for stroke patients because the content in eggplant able to overcome the problem of high blood and make blood circulation smooth so that no more blockage while broccoli great for protecting heart health. So, healthy food is very suitable for those who have suffered a stroke because it can prevent recurring strokes

Healthy Fruits For Stroke Patients

1. Papaya
Papaya fruit is delicious and sweet when ripe, the fruit even this one is also delicious when used as a mixture of ice. But did you know it turns papaya fruit is also very good for stroke patients. So, if you are patient stroke and it does not hurt to consume papaya.
2. Wine
Grapes are also very good for stroke patients because of this one fruit contains polyphenols from the compound resveratrol. The content of resveratrol is this which is a source of antioxidants and works to protect the heart and blood vessels.
3. Apples
Experts say that eating one apple every day can extend your age. It can be said to be true because the content in this apple is very good for health and can protect the body from various diseases. In addition, flavonoids and polyphenols in apples are also good for stroke patients.
4. Bananas
Bananas contain potassium and potassium that are useful to help regulate blood pressure and regulate heart rate. Thus the fruit is very suitable for your stroke patients.
5. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are also included fruits are good for stroke patients because of this one fruit contains vitamin C and lycopene. This lycopene can ward off free radicals and inflammatory processes control and bad cholesterol in the body.
That is a healthy food for stroke patients . Just added, to anticipate that stroke does not attack you back then stay away from foods that contain bad fats, artificial sweeteners and baked and fried foods. Also Read: How To Maintain Heart Health Without Drugs